One to One Teaching Day


A great opportunity to learn at your own pace with material written just for you.

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Come and learn with me, in the comfort of my home treatment room for a quick, professional and powerful way to add to your toolkit as a therapist. This day will allow you to learn new skills, new techniques and even new therapies. Each day will be individually tailored to what it is that you want to learn. You can choose from any of the courses I have run in the past as well as anything you want me to write just for you.

If you are struggling with aspects of the industry such as anatomy & physiology, professional practice and supervision then we can cover all these topics in one day, just let me know what you need. Each day is open to student and qualified therapists who hold or are working towards a recognised qualification.

To ensure you get as much as possible out of the day you will be send a pre-attendance questionnaire to ensure everything you want to cover is prepared for you. The schedule for the day will be emailed to you once everything has been prepared.

Come and learn in a relaxed but enthusiastic environment or online with a therapist and teacher who is passionate and committed to her own work and to you and your work too.

I look forward to working with you soon.

One to One – £120 
each additional attendee just £50 each (please email me at to arrange) 

After booking you will receive an email to arrange and secure dates to suit.

Come with friends or colleagues and share the cost of bespoke, quality education and training.

Topics covered include, but are not limited to:-

Any of the courses I offer (some courses may have a 2 person minimum)
Reflexology Refresher
Facial Reflexology
Reflexology Masterclasses
Anatomy & Physiology
Mediation & Mindfulness