Reflexology Course

What is Reflexology

Reflexology, as it is practiced today, is the modern development of an ancient treatment approach which has shown up in the history of many civilisations. The Reflexology that we teach on our PR Diploma is Classical Reflexology which is based on the theory created by Eunice Ingham and developed by her nephew Dwight Byers. Most modern reflexologists work from this perspective.

Reflexology works on the principle that the feet reflect the whole body and that by treating the smaller surface of the feet we can influence and harmonise the body as a whole. It is a fantastic way to access the body on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

This wonderful therapy helps in times of transition and is a great support and maintenance for the body and mind. Reflexology can help when we are in ill health and dis-ease as well as when we are at peak fitness, there is always a benefit from receiving reflexology.

As a career it lets you work within your own timetable and is a fantastic way to start your own business or move into a more care focused role. Many people come to reflexology as a way of connecting with people on many levels while allowing them flexibility and control over their own working life, and especially work life balance.

You will be supported throughout your time with us and well beyond that into your career, job or own business. We look forward to welcoming you to the family.

The Reflexology Diploma Experience

  • PR Practitioner Diploma
  • Over 17 years’ experience
  • Small class sizes
  • 100+ Hours of classroom training
  • One to one practical training
  • An emphasis on practical training
  • Ongoing one to one mentoring
  • Preparation for the business world
  • A range of core modules to ensure good practice
  • A range of ancillary modules to ensure success
  • A passion and commitment to excellence in Reflexology training
  • Online teaching means lighter carbon footprint
  • Degree qualified teachers
  • Teachers hold TQFE teaching qualification

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to take a big leap into a rewarding and satisfying career. A career where you can make your own hours, run your own business, be your own boss and most importantly, help others to live a healthy and supported lifestyle.

You may also already be a therapist who is looking to expand your own range of treatments and add a new skill and revenue stream to your current business.

Who can attend?

This course is open to anyone 19 years old and above, from any work, study or experience background. You may be a nurse who wants to change to a gentler paced caring career, you may be in the business world and want a change of focus, or you may be new to it all and want to know your career is meaningful, manageable and fulfilling.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements other than a good standard of spoken and written English.

What is involved?

The course runs over an academic year from September till June with graduation in July

The course includes a range of core modules as well as ancillary modules to ensure a robust, professional and comprehensive learning experience.

Core Modules

Tenets of Therapeutic Reflexology

This expansive unit will run throughout the course offering history, development, theory and tenets of Reflexology as a solid foundation. You will understand how reflexology came to be in its present form and the many ways it has been developed and enhanced along the way. We will look at different frameworks and establish an in depth knowledge of the complementary therapy business.

Practical Therapeutic Reflexology

This comprehensive unit teaches practical reflexology in a structured and clear way to ensure a full treatment sequence is understood and performed by students. This thorough unit also includes how we interact with clients, how to refer to other health professionals and how to become a therapist. There are also 3 observed client practical assessments as part of the unit. All tutors for this unit are degree qualified.

Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology is a foundation of a good therapist’s knowledge and this unit explain the body as well as all the systems individually. In addition, this knowledge is woven into your reflexology practical teachings so you will learn how the body systems work, how to integrate this into your practice and how you use this knowledge to benefit your client.


In this unit you will research common conditions, pathologies, homeostasis, internal regulation and balance of the body as well as study the effects of stress on the body.


Professional Practice for the Reflexologist

Being a self-employed therapist is more than knowing your therapies and this unit teaches legal and professional requirements of running your own business, cash flows and business plans, and allows you to try out your ideas long before you need to commit to them. In this way you are fully prepared for the world of small business by the time you graduate.


Client Case Studies

This unit is where all those skills you are learning come together as you carry out a series of case studies on clients. These are recorded and written to specific criteria which evolves with you as you develop your practical ability, and your knowledge grows.

Ancillary Units (3 units from the list below – confirmed by school)

  • Reflexology in Pregnancy
  • Reflexology in Sub-Fertility
  • Understanding the Chakras
  • Introduction to Nutrition for the Reflexologist
  • Reflexology in Palliative Care
  • Counselling for the Reflexologist
  • Introduction to Reading the Feet
  • First Aid for Reflexologists

Course Dates 2022

Classes will run once a month and will be at weekends. This is to help those who may need to travel or who are studying alongside an existing job.

Glasgow and Aberdeen Courses now starting January 2022


January 29th & 30th 

February 26th & 27th

March 19th & 20th 

April 23rd & 24th 

May 14th & 15th 

June 25th & 26th 

July 23rd & 24th 

August 20th & 21st 

Aberdeen 2022

February 5th & 6th 

March 5th & 6th  

April 2nd & 3rd

April 30th / May 1st

June 4th & 5th 

July 30th & 31st

August 27th & 28th 

September 17th & 18th 

*please note 100% attendance is required to complete the course (more info at registration)


The full cost of the course is £2000. This includes all materials, all equipment, creams, consumables, towels, online and offline teaching materials

The course can be paid for in 3 ways

Option 1

Deposit of £350 to secure your place plus balance of £1650 on Induction Day.


Option 2

Deposit of £350 to secure your place plus £500 on Induction Day plus 10 monthly payments of £120 payable by standing order

(total payable £2050, includes £50 admin fee)

Option 3

Deposit of £350 to secure your place plus 10 monthly payments of £175 payable by standing order

(total payable £2100, includes £100 admin fee)

All Students must also pay £160 at Induction Day to cover PR membership and Student Insurance for 18 months, exam fees, certification fees.

Please note this course is not eligible for SAAS funding as the course is not accredited by an educational establishment in Scotland

Why Choose The Munro School?

The Munro School of Complementary Therapies has been set up to provide diversity, excellence, and passion in the teaching of Complementary Therapies in Scotland. This course is written and taught by degree qualified Reflexologists who have many years’ experience in their private clinics and training. We always provide best practice, best teaching and a fun and supportive environment to learn in. You will be fully supported and encouraged throughout your studies and will be guided onto the most suitable path for you and your future career. All support extends beyond your year with us and we hope you continue to be part of the Munro School family for a long time to come.
Jacqueline Munro


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